Terms and Conditions

General Sales Conditions

General Statements
The General Sales Conditions (herein, “GSC”) are herein established for the contractual relation for the sale of products offered on the web page www.gowestt.com property of WESTT VENTURES S.L. (herein, “WESTT”), with business address at Plaza eixereta 4, puerta 9, Burjassot 46100, Spain and with Tax ID Number: B98909419, recorded in the Commercial Registry with entry record number 1/20174/11809, and the physical or legal persons (herein, “customer”) who demonstrate the wish to purchase said products via an online request made through the aforementioned web page. The customer’s request constitutes the specific conditions associated with the present GSCs, which the customer should consult before purchasing the product. The present GSCs are presented to the customer on the web site www.gowestt.com for consultation, printing, saving and accepting; without consultation the customer may not buy the products on the web site. The customer will always have free access to these GSC on the Internet. The present GSC applicable to requests for specific products made by the customer imply a formalization of a sales contract between WESTT and the customer, which confirms that the customer:

  • a) Has read, understood and accepted the present General Contract Conditions.
  • b) Is legally considered to be an adult and is competent to enter into the contract.

Applicable legislation and GSC alterations
The present GSC are subject to that set forth in Law 7/1998 of 19 July on Buyer and User protection, to Royal Decree 1906/1999 of 17 December of 1999, which regulates Telephonic or Electronic contracts through general conditions, to Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, to Law 7/1996 of 15 January on Retail Trade and to Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Information Society and Electronic Trade Services. WESTT reserves the right to modify the present GSC at any moment without prior notice to the customer, who ultimately is responsible for reviewing them as a requirement for acquiring any product available through the WESTT web site. In any case, the GSC set forth on the web site at the time the customer makes a purchase will be considered valid and applicable to that request.

Information about products for sale

The product descriptions proposed by WESTT on its website are based on the information provided by the brands and / or providers of the products. All data included in each product sheet and / or in your photograph have an informative function, therefore, in case of errors WESTT VENTURES S.L. Undertakes to take all measures within its power to correct as soon as possible said errors or omissions after being informed of them. All partners have a right of withdrawal of 90 days as established by the Spanish Retail Trade Act.

Members may place orders through the online showcase at www.gowestt.com. For such, the customer must guarantee that he or she is authorized to use the payment card or account provided. Only the individuals with the necessary legal capacity to enter into contracts for the class of good or service proposed on this web page may place orders on WESTT. The proof of all transactions between WESTT and its customers is that information stored by WESTT. WESTT will confirm the correct processing of an order to its customers through e-mail. Contractual information will be provided by WESTT to customers through its web page. In the event that WESTT intends to use the e-mail address provided by a customer for ordering a product for sending later commercial communications, WESTT will not make such expressly known to the customer nor will it solicit the customer’s consent. Said consent may be revoked by the customer at any moment through an e-mail to WESTT.

The prices of the products showcased include all taxes but no shipping and handling costs. Transport costs are consigned separately and can be seen before finalizing the purchase. Comparative prices shown alongside the sale price are established using either the catalogue price calculated by the provider or the prices established by WESTT services at one or several sales locations. In all events, WESTT will have the consent of the provider to sell its products at the proposed prices. WESTT reserves the right to modify these prices at any moment, however, these products will be billed on the fee base enforced at the time the order was placed, so long as the products are in stock and except in the case of computer or typographical error. The products will continue to be the property of the provider until the full price has been paid. WESTT reserves the right to refuse any order placed by a customer with whom it holds a lawsuit.

Product availability
Westt Store:
The products offered in WESTT Store are permanent. Product reservation on behalf of customers will be performed upon completion of the purchase, or in other words, when the product is paid for. If a product becomes unavailable after the order has been placed and before the end of the shipping process for the product in question, the customer will be informed by e-mail or by telephone of the partial shipment or cancellation of his or her order. If an account has already been charged at the time of providing information about the availability of a product, a refund will be issued for the corresponding amounts and such will be made known to the customer through e-mail. Once said process has begun, WESTT will proceed to refund the amount paid by the customer by the same means as the payment was made with, or by the means otherwise indicated, in the shortest time possible

WESTT employs the maximum security available in the sector. In addition, the payment process works on a secure server which uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol. The secure server establishes a connection for the information to be transmitted and coded in 128 bit algorithms, thus assuring decipherability only for the Member’s computer and the Web Site.

The payment of purchases is made by credit card or through your PayPal account. Credit cards accepted are: Visa and Mastercard.

STRIPE: Payment processor for secure bank payments

PAYPAL: PayPal uses data encryption and anti-fraud technology to keep your information secure, reducing the risk of online fraud in your online shopping.

The purchase amount will be charged to the customer’s bank account once the confirmation of authorization by the bank payment centers has been received. In the event of a rejection of the bank, the order will be automatically canceled. If the purchase has actually been made by the customer that requires the cancellation of the charge, the customer must compensate WESTT for the damages caused by reason Of such annulment.

WESTT has the highest commercially available safety measures in the industry. In addition, the payment process works on a secure server using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. The secure server establishes a connection so that the information is transmitted encrypted using 128-bit algorithms, which ensure that it is only intelligible to the Partner’s computer and the Web site’s computer. This way, when using the protocol SSL is guaranteed:

  • – The customer is communicating his information to the WESTT server center and not to any other entity that may try to intercept this information.
  • – The transmitted data between the Member and the WESTT server is coded and transmitted, thus avoiding its possible reading or manipulation by third parties.

Also, WESTT declares that it does not have access to confidential information regarding the payment method used, nor does it store such information. Only PayPal and Banks have access to this information for payment and charge management, and this information is inaccessible to third parties.

Methods and delivery location
Products will be sent to the shipping address indicated by the customer while placing the order. Shipments for purchases from Westt STORE can be sent to Great Britain, Ireland, Spain (including Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands), Portugal (except Madeira and Azores), Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Switzerland.  Orders cannot be placed to be delivered to post office boxes. In order to optimize delivery, we would appreciate it if the customer could provide an address where the order can be delivered to during typical business hours.

Delivery time
Westt Store:
The approximate delivery time to Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Luxembourg and Austria is 3-4 days after the order is finalized if the products are readily available in our warehouses. Delivery will take 5 to 7 working days for Greece, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Switzerland. In the case that the product is not readily available in our warehouses, the approximate delivery time will be indicated on the product file in the shipping section. The delivery times are informational and based on business days. If an order is delayed due to uncontrollable circumstances while the product is in the logistics phase, WESTT will notify the customer of that circumstance. Delivery times are averages that represent preparation and shipping times of the product and are figured depending on the estimated receiving date of the merchandise at out warehouses. These times may vary depending on the shipping destination. Each delivery will be considered completed from the moment the delivering shipping company makes the product available to the customer or authorized person acting on behalf of the customer, as shown by the control system used by the shipping company.

Precautions to bear in mind during delivery
The recipient is responsible for checking the product upon delivery, making observations and raising any concerns and complaints that seem reasonable, including refusing of the package if it appears the package has been opened or if it is clearly damaged. The aforementioned observations or complaints must be made to the shipping company and WESTT. If the delivered product does not meet the quality or characteristics specified on the delivery note, the customer must file a complaint within ninety days from the date of delivery.  In the case of a delayed delivery, breakage, or the reception of an incomplete order, the customer must contact WESTT through their web site.

Products may be returned within ninety business days following their delivery. There are two types of returns:

  • Exchange for a different size or colour.
  • Return because of an error by Westt.

WESTT employs the following return process herein detailed: The customer will have a maximum of ninety days from the moment a product is delivered to notify of the return of the order or part of the order. This notification must be made from the menu: My Account / Orders / View (Return). After choosing the articles to be returned, indicating the reason for the return, and sending the request, an automatic response will be generated providing a return code and subsequent steps to take. WESTT will be in charge of managing the pick-up and return shipping as well as the costs to be assumed by the custome. A refund to the customer’s account for the return will be given in the shortest time possible once WESTT has received the merchandise. Refunds will be given for the paid value of the returned product(s) deducing the freight costs. The refund will not include freight costs that might be incurred.
Conditions for returning a product:

  • The product must be in perfect condition and with its original packaging and tags or labels. The return will not be accepted if the products were demonstrably used or if the brand packaging has been compromised in any way. Writing, stickers and packing tape may not be present.
  • The product must have all the accessories it came with and that belong to the brand.
  • The return number must be clearly written on the outside of the package along with the shipping address.
  • For reasons of health and hygiene we don’t accept any changes or returns of underwear and swim suits/bikinis.

The contractual warranty offered is that which is typically offered by the provider or brand under the established legal conditions for a period of five years from the date of delivery. WESTT acts as the professional provider and brand representative guaranteeing products for sale on the WESTT web page work correctly and are free of defects that would otherwise make the products dangerous or risky to use. The duration of the aforementioned guarantees is clearly detailed in the product descriptions. Members may not request a more encompassing guarantee than that offered by the provider. In the case that a product is broken during unpacking, WESTT will not be responsible for picking up the broken product, and the customer will then need to contact the brand or provider’s after-sale service. In this way, WESTT will take all due measures to provide contact information for the service to any customer who may request it, and it will provide enough information for pertinent complaints that might be made. Section 5 of article 123 of the consolidated text of the general Law on consumer and user protection recognizes that “The consumer and user must inform the vendor of their dissatisfaction within two months of finding out about the cause of the dissatisfaction” For any question or request for information, the customer can contact WESTT Member Services:
E-mail: admin@gowestt.com
Membership invitation
WESTT allows its customers to invite friends and family so they too can become customers of WESTT with no cost to them. Invitations must be restricted to these conditions. The minimun purchase is 50€.

Promotion and Vouchers
Vouchers and promotions may only be used for purchases on WESTT. In the event a customer has several vouchers applying to the product amount or the shipping cost, the checks with the biggest amount will be applied. In the event the check has the same amount, the check with the soonest expiration date will be applied to the next purchase as long as the purchase is over the minimum in force. Customer service vouchers can be accumulated. In COMBO products a discount is already applied and does not accept other discounts. Vouchers and promotions have limited validity. Vouchers are personal and non-transferable. In the case of fraudulent or intentional misuse, WESTT reserves the right to withhold the application of a voucher. WESTT reserves the right to alter or eliminate promotions it offers.

Modification of General Sales Conditions
In the case of handover of files via transfer to third parties, WESTT will inform the web page user of such. WESTT reserves the right to modify the General Sales Conditions. If any of the terms of the General Sales Conditions is found to be illegal or invalid based on a judiciary ruling, the other provisions will remain in force.