Legal Notice

The following text contains the Privacy Policy and Policy on Personal Data Protection for any data MEMBERS or USERS may provide while using the services offered by WESTT VENTURES, S.L. (herein, “WESTT”), located at Plaza Eixereta 4, pta. 9, Burjassot 46100 con CIF: B98909419, registered in the Trade Registry with entry record number 1/20174/11809, via the web page
Information for the USER OR MEMBER about the existence of an information file registered in AEPD under ownership, property and responsibility of WESTT VENTURES, S.L. located at Plaza Eixereta 4, pta. 9, Burjassot 46100 con CIF: B98909419, registered in the Trade Registry with entry record number 1/20174/11809. Contact e-mail: Phone: 601 189 197

Request for consent to automated information handling: Regarding personal information provided by the MEMBER OR USER on request, informational or contractual forms that may have been on the web site, WESTT strictly adheres to the standing legislation established in the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection and to other applicable and related laws. WESTT informs the USER OR MEMBER that said information will be included in a file for automated handling and processing as well as for appropriate commercial processing, e-mail contact regarding sales, purchase delivery, and discounts we may believe to be of interest. All said activity will be performed with the utmost confidentiality, and with the USER OR MEMBER’s consent to these actions through acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

In accordance with that established in the General Contract Conditions, WESTT is a web page exclusively directed toward legal adults. Therefore, if you are a minor you should immediately leave this page and provide no personal data or information.

Handling Purpose
WESTT collects certain pieces of personal information provided by the MEMBER OR USER on specific forms in order to perform the sale of products. WESTT informs the MEMBER OR USER that this information will be handled automatically. WESTT will use this data for billing and shipping purposes. Information collected and handled by WESTT will always be only the basic components for the previously mentioned purposes.
Accepting the Privacy Policy implies express and unambiguous consent of the MEMBER or USER to receive electronic commercial communications from WESTT regarding promotions or services or products offered through its web page and/or from third parties which have commercial agreements with WESTT.

Information Provision Requirements
The fields on the existing forms marked with an asterisk (*) are required. If not filled out, it will not be possible to respond to enquiries or place orders.

In accordance with that established in the General Contract Conditions, the MEMBER or USER can recommend WESTT’s services to third parties. In addition to the conditions established in the General Contract Conditions, regarding information provided by the MEMBER or USER in the sponsorship process, it is stated that:

  • Said information about the third party was obtained legally and the third party is a friend or family member. Use of the sponsorship process for other ends is strictly prohibited, especially those of promotional or commercial nature.
  • The MEMBER or USER acknowledges that WESTT only provides the technical means for recommendation of its services and the act of recommending them is voluntary and specific to the MEMBER.

Rights to Access, 
Rectification, cancellation and opposition: THE MEMBER OR USER who enters personal information in the different registration forms will have the full right to exercise his rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at any moment by requesting such from (Spain and Portugal), (Italy), (other countries) or by post to WESTT S.L., located at Plaza Eixereta 4, pta. 9, Burjassot 46100 , in both cases including a copy of his National Identification Card or other official identification document of the information owner. WESTT reiterates its commitment to the respect and confidentiality it holds while collecting and handling personal information from the MEMBER OR USER, and it declares its commitment to not providing said information to third parties without prior consent of the owners.

WESTT guarantees absolute confidentiality and privacy of the personal information collected and for such has adopted the organizational and technical security measures needed to avoid alteration, loss, or unauthorized access or handling thus ensuring the integrity and security of the information as established in the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, through which the Development Regulation of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on personal data protection was approved. WESTT will not be held responsible for any incidence that arises regarding personal data when an attack or unauthorized system access occurs which was otherwise impossible to detect with the current security measures in place or when said attack or access is due to the negligence of the MEMBER OR USER regarding guardianship and ownership of access passwords or the MEMBER OR USER’s own personal information. In any case, the MEMBER or USER must immediately notify WESTT when it is known that third parties have come into knowledge of access passwords.

Truthfulness of the Information
THE MEMBER OR USER is responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided, and promises to not provide false data. Any data provided will be modified as appropriate to maintain its truthfulness by the MEMBER or USER.

Use of cookies
The computer where the web page is hosted uses cookies to optimize service provided by WESTT. These cookies are installed automatically on the computer used by the MEMBER or USER, but they do not store any information about the MEMBER or USER. Cookies may be erased by using browser tools.